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Fat Dissolving Injections in the UK: The Art of Creating the Perfect Body

Do you prioritize your health and exercise regularly? However, do you struggle to remove excess fat in certain areas? We have fantastic news for you. At Blossom Space Clinic, we can utilize a specialized solution that significantly reduces localized areas by precisely dissolving fat. This method is a perfect fit for improving body contours. 

fat dissolve stomach

Five reasons to choose the Fat Dissolving Injections

1. The effect gradually develops over several weeks post-procedure and remains consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following our fat dissolving injections aftercare. You will notice your skin becoming smoother and more toned day by day. 

2. The procedure takes only about 20 minutes and does not require anesthesia or rehabilitation. 

3. This is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures, with minimal traces after injections. The vast majority of our clients have reported such fat dissolving injections side effects as:

- Swelling

- Redness

- Mild discomfort 

These effects almost always disappear within a period of a few hours to three days.

What can facilitate the recovery process? Applying ice packs. Rarely, taking a pain reliever. If you want to conceal redness, you can use cosmetics. However, it's advisable to let your skin recover peacefully.

4. An enhanced appearance can boost your mood. Many clients at Blossom Space Clinic who have undergone chin fat dissolving injections note increased satisfaction with their reflection in the mirror and receive more compliments from those around them. 

5. By reducing the likelihood of various weight-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, arthritis, and others, you will enhance your health and quality of life. Following a series of fat dissolving injections stomach, you will also be able to enjoy a wider range of clothing, sports, and other activities that were previously challenging or impossible for you. 








Step 1 Consultation

  • Assess your medical history in order to provide a safe treatment

  • Discuss your problem areas and treatment goals

  • Put together a tailored treatment plan, designed to meet your needs an

Step 2

During Treatment

  • Procedures are undertaken in a calm, clinical environment

  • Extremely quick and effective treatment, lasting as little as 15 minutes

  • Precise amount of wrinkle relaxing solution is injected in carefully selected points

Step 3

After Treatment

  • No downtime, immediate recovery for most clients

  • See results in up 4 days to 2 weeks (top up appointment after 2 weeks)

  • Benefit from procedure results for up to 5 months


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