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IPL laser treatment for rosacea: Your choice

Everyone can agree that rosacea is quite an unpleasant ordeal, especially for those accustomed to looking their best. Fortunately, this situation can be improved:

● Facial redness will be replaced by a clearer complexion. 

● Visible blood vessels will become less noticeable. 

● Spots and lumps will give way to smoother skin. 

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. IPL rosacea treatment in Southport is an excellent and effective solution that: 

- targets blood vessels and skin cells,

- aids in narrowing dilated capillaries, making them less visible or completely disappear,

- improves the overall tone and texture of the skin by removing bacteria and dead cells that trigger inflammatory elements. 

Carry on reading to learn more about this miraculous procedure.

IPL light treatment for rosacea: Questions and answers

With each passing month, the number of our clients grows. We’ll assist those who are just considering this procedure by addressing the three most frequent questions we receive during consultations:

What problems can IPL treatment solve?

This treatment can

- reduce redness,

- minimize pigmentation,

- remove skin spots caused by rosacea. 

And there’s more to enjoy: IPL treatment can also promote skin tightening by stimulating collagen production.

How much does IPL treatment for rosacea cost in the UK?

The cost of rosacea treatment at Blossom Space Clinic starts from £70 and depends on the size and number of treated areas, as well as the number of required sessions. When estimating the approximate IPL rosacea treatment cost, keep in mind that it’s recommended to undergo from three to six laser therapy sessions with roughly one-month intervals.

Does it hurt?

The sensation from the treatment can be likened to mild pinches, stinging, or the snap of a slightly stretched rubber band on the skin. It’s not painful, more uncomfortable. The procedure doesn’t require anesthesia and typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Currently, numerous Blossom Space Clinic clients have been successfully benefiting from cutting-edge advancements in the beauty industry, including the best IPL treatment for rosacea.

Step 1 Consultation

  • Talk through the treatment, step-by-step

  • Share concerns with a qualified aesthetician

  • Design a tailored treatment plan

Step 2

During Treatment

  • Calm, contemporary clinical environment

  • Quick procedure, lasting just 1 hour

  • Tailored filler quantity administered

Step 3

After Treatment

  • No downtime, immediate recovery

  • See results in a couple of days

  • Enjoy a defined, perfected shape

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