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The advantages semi-permanent makeup

This is a procedure that is gaining more and more popularity in Blossom Space Clinic. What is the secret of its popularity? Let’s go through the points:

1. This makeup saves a lot of time. Who among us doesn’t dream of a more relaxed morning?

2. Your makeup will always look flawless, whether it’s morning makeup or an evening party. Forget about smudged eyeliner or partially eaten lipstick.

3. The cost of permanent makeup is relatively low. In Blossom Space Clinic you can enjoy reasonable prices (compared to other offers on the beauty market of the United Kingdom) and a stunning result of the work of qualified specialists of our clinic. 

These are all excellent arguments, you might say. But are there any disadvantages to this procedure? Let’s look at them below.

semi permanent makeup
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Close-up Face


Permanent Lip Makeup

The disadvantages of semi-permanent makeup in Southport

There are two main drawbacks:

● The pain sensations during micropigmentation, because it is essentially a tattoo and involves many injections.

● Also, regardless of the permanent makeup cost, over time the pigment may change color under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, do not ignore creams with SPF in their composition.

An interesting fact: Most often, clients of Blossom Space Clinic improve the appearance of eyebrows and make lip permanent makeup

The secrets behind the popularity of semi permanent makeup

● This is a great way to improve your appearance and reduce the time for daily makeup. 

● At the same time, the procedure itself takes very little time: up to 2 hours. It may take 1-2 sessions, depending on the chosen method. 

● To keep the result for a long time, follow the tips for care.

As you can see, everything is very simple. It is not for nothing that more and more fashionistas and fashionistas of England are looking for a permanent makeup artist, come for a consultation at Blossom Space Clinic, and then flaunt their decorated and updated faces with our procedures.

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