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Best Lip Blushing in the UK

Imagine having the ability to apply lipstick, ensuring that every line is a manifestation of perfection, and then going out for breakfast, only to find that everything remains just as it was before the first bite. And there’s more to come: this effect lasts for up to 3 years. It may sound incredible, but it's possible. 

Compelling Reasons "For"

If you're looking to get lip blushing in Southport, you can visit Blossom Space Clinic. Here are the top three reasons to do so: 

● In just one/two sessions, your lips can have a more vivid hue, perfectly suited to your appearance and lifestyle. You no longer need to spend precious time on daily makeup application. 

● It gets more promising: Want to emphasize your lip line? We can make them more defined and expressive. 

● At Blossom Space Clinic, you can undergo the best lip blushing treatment, which can also make them appear more voluminous. This can be an alternative to fillers or other invasive procedures. To maintain or alter the shade and contours, a touch-up treatment is required.

Red Lipstick

Lip Blushing Cost in the UK and Other Inquiries

Here's how our collaboration will unfold: 

1. Providing you with a professional consultation. During this time, a qualified semi permanent makeup specialist will help you get as close as possible to your ideal lips by selecting the suitable shade of long-lasting "lipstick" and determining the contour lines you prefer over any other shapes. . 

2. Performing the treatment. Lip blushing may cause some side effects like swelling, redness, discomfort, or infection. Hence, adhering to aftercare rules and following our specialist's advice is crucial. 

3. Blossom Space Clinic offers an average cost of lip blushing for this procedure with high-quality execution. Depending on your preferences, the amount can be around £200-£300. The cost of all treatments will be discussed in advance during the consultation and outlined in the contract between the clinic and the client.

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